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Who Was Alqam Khayri? Synagogue Attack Cruel Suspect Who killed 7 People in Jerusalem Dies at 21


Alqam Khayri, a 21-year-old is a suspected gunman in a Jerusalem terror shooting in which around seven people were killed. This was full of a terror attack against Israelis and the news of this attack went viral on the internet. Now a suspect died who has a link to this attack. There are so many videos and information that has been shared on the internet and so many people share their responses to this incident. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the suspect and also discuss some more information related to this incident, so read completely this article.

Alqam Khayri

As per the news and reports, Alqam Khayari was identified as having attacked a region and he was identified by police. He tried to run away in a car in this, but he was killed by police in a fatal gunshot later being chased. It is coming forward that he took revenge for murdering his grandfather and Palestine victims in Jenin Refugee Camp and this is said as the reason behind why he did this attack in Occupied Palestine and this is shared by another one named Khayri Mousa Alqam. There is not much information has been shared by the police related to this incident.

On the night when this incident took place a gunman killed around seven people and wounded other people and this information was shared by the police and medics. This shooting incident was done on Friday 27 January 2023 and this was a terrible incident. In this incident, five men and two women died on Friday when this incident took place and several people get heavy wounds and injuries in this incident. There are so many people who were also taken into custody and arrested as the suspect in this incident. We will update our article after getting more information related to this incident.

If we talking about the Jerusalem synagogue attack then in this incident a gunman kills seven people and this incident took place at Jerusalem synagogue. The shooter died at the incident place and the investigation begins. Security forces stand and Israeli emergency service personnel were standing near a covered body at the incident place on Friday. This news is running on the top of the internet and so many users of social share their responses to this news. For reading more articles on the latest news and other news topics of the entire world then always stay connected with the socialtelecast.com website.


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