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Who Was Ana Walshe? Brian Walshe Charged With Murder of Missing Cohasset, Massachusetts


It is coming forward that Brian Walshe charged with the murder of Ana Walshe. Ana Walshe is a 39-year-old woman who is also known as a missing Cohasset, Massachusetts, woman. Brian Walshe is her husband and as per the reports of the Norfolk, Massachusetts, District Attorney that he has been charged with her murder. This news is running on the trends of the internet where so many people express their sadness for his death and raise lots of questions related to this incident, So here we are going to share some more information related to this topic in this article.

Ana Walshe

According to the sources, Brian Walshe a 47 years old man is now charged with the murder of his own wife. He was already held on a bail of $500,000 on the accusation he misled investigators and he was arrested on Sunday for allegedly misleading investigators. His wife was missing since New Year’s Day and has not been seen that day and the search for her is continuing for the last three weeks. Her husband claims that he pleaded not guilty to the latter last week. He has also been charged with misleading the investigators and this drop him as a criminal in this incident for her murder.

Michael Morrisey, Norfolk District Attorney said that the continued investigation has now allowed police to get an arrest warrant charging Brian Walshe with the murder of Ana Walshe also can be said as his wife. It is also coming out that her husband lied to the police about buying $450 dollars worth of cleaning supplies. She was reported missing on 4 January 2023 by coworkers and from the sources that her husband tried to dispose of her body but it is confirmed yet. The police collect shreds of evidence in this case since her disappearance and they found a knife in the basement of the home where the knife was covered with blood. They also discovered various shreds of evidence related to this murder incident.

She is a mother of three children where her first son is six years old, her second son is four years old, her third son is two years old and they all are in state custody. Her Neighbors and friends are supporting her children and one of them filled out an application with the department of children to take care of her children. The investigation is continuing and ongoing and after a small period of time this will be cleared who killed her. Police didn’t share much information related to this incident and they continued their investigation.


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