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Who Was Antonio Carbajal? Mexico Football Legend Antonio Carbajal Passed Away at 93


We deeply regret to share with you the sad news that Mexico football legend Antonio Carbajal Passed away at the age of 93. Reading and hearing the passing news can make anyone sad but it becomes a daily part of the news as many people are dying these days due to many reasons. Some are dying from natural causes and some are due to age factors today we will talk about the Mexico football legend Antonio who passed away. People and his fans are devasted by hearing this news and want to know what happened to him and what is the reason for his death if he had any illness or died due to natural causes. Kindly drag down the page and continue to read.

Who Was Antonio Carbajal?

The person we are talking about was football legend of Mexico Antonio Carbajal who passed away at the age of 93 on 9 May 2023. Antonio was a Mexican professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He was also called EL CINCO COPAS in reference to his record of Five World Cups played. Antonio was born on 7 June 1929 in Mexico City. Carbajal full name was Antonio Felix Carbajal Rodriguez who died on 9 May 2023. To know more about him you should follow this column till the end and must go through all the following sections to learn all details.

Who Was Antonio Carbajal?

Antonio Carbajal become a professional footballer with the local Club Espana in 1948 and participated in the Olympic tournament. His position in football sports was Goalkeeper. Carbajal was the youngest goalkeeper when he debuted with Mexico’s National team for the world cup against Brazil in 1950 at the Marcana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. He was the first Mexican footballer who appeared in four World Cups is a team and helped his team to win the first-ever world cup match. Antonio Carbajal appeared in a total of 48 international matches for Mexico and he conceded 25 goals in 11 World Cup matches from 1950 to 1966.

He also served as president of the Mexican Football Federation from 1988 to 1994. He retired as a player and become the manager of Club Leon until his death. Through the source, we get to know that he had been hospitalized due to his blood pressure problem from January 2023 and could not survive anymore and passed away on 9 May 2023. Carbajal was a true legend of Mexican football. He will be remembered for his many accomplishments and his contributions to the game. However, it is not specific which disease causes his death. There is no other information available now but if we get any update we will inform you so stay tuned to the social telecast.


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