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Who Was Belle Star? Popular Dj From London Belle Star Passed Away, Wiki-Bio


A true legend of London and as well as a great drummer, the electrical Ballroom outstanding person deceased on 1 April 2023. The person we are talking about the Master of the Electric Ballroom and the great drummer of London. This is the most disheartening news in the music world as they lost a great musician. Who is he and what happened to him for further detail scroll down the page and continue to read.

belle star

The true legend in the music world of the London who passed away was Belle Star. Belle Star was born in London. He graduated in communication and psychology from London Guildhall University. In 2017 Belle Performed at Wave Gotik Treffen and Camden Rocks with the solo band MGT. He gets this opportunity after when he started his carrier and played Dj at decadence club nights and in other events also. He created his reputation in the music world of London as the most well-known Dj and a great drummer. People also gave honored him and love him because of his consistency in the electric ballroom. He was also the most stylish and charming person. Belle can’t get away because of his attitude, he had great humor and a sense for words.

Who Was Belle Star?

what is the cause of death and what is the reason for his death are still unknown but we get little information about this per the source that Belle died in his sleep on the 1 st April 2023. this is not revealed or disclosed by anyone if he had some kind of issue related to health sickness and disease or any other thing that upset him so he get anxiety or depression maybe it was natural death so we can’t say anything about it. We will update you if we get any information related to his death cause.

Many condolence and tributes are given by amiable and popular personalities. Decadence London Club also shared this unpleasant news on their Facebook page that we know that you would want the show to go on, so this next Decadence goes out to you, Belle. this means Decadence Club will give tribute to Belle in when they perform their next show in London. This  Unsetting news of his death shocked his family and his fans and supporters. We can’t feel what they feel when parent lost their child it will be a great pain for the parents but they hope that where is child live he will be okay. His family and friends expressed their love for him and that he will be in heaven.


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