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Who Was Ben Stelter And What Was His Cause Of Death? How Did He Die?


Ben Stelter, a six years old big fan of team Edmonton Oilers has recently passed away. The news about his unfortunate demise has saddened and shattered everyone. No one could ever imagine that the lovely little boy would pass away at such a tender age. His death has been very hard for everyone. Ben was the heart of the team Edmonton oilers, and he was loved by the whole of Edmonton.

Who Was Ben Stelter And What Was His Cause Of Death How Did He Die

According to the reports, Ben was suffering from a deadly disease glioblastoma(a deadly and aggressive type of cancer). He was diagnosed with glioblastoma at the age of 4. He went to surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy but he couldn’t be survived. He passed away after losing his battle with this deadly disease. He was one of the biggest fans of the Edmonton Oilers. His dream was to meet the Star Connor Mcdavid, in his Edmonton Oilers jersey. His dream was fulfilled back in March when star Connor Mcdavid met him and that too in his Edmonton Oilers jersey.

Who Was Ben Stelter?

The picture of little Ben meeting Star Connor Mcdavid was massively viral, loved, and adored by the netizens on the internet and social media. People from all across showered their love on that picture. Little Ben was very popular in Edmonton. He loved the team Edmonton Oilers. Reports have stated that he attended many matches of the team. He loved the team and all the players. Thus he rose to fame among all the people due to his massive amount of love and admiration for the team.

His massive admiration for the team earned him a massive amount of fans and followers. He was referred to and widely called a little star. Ben was massively loved and adored. He had grown a massive amount of popularity all across Edmonton. As soon as the news about his unfortunate passing away broke out on social media, many popular personalities including star Connor Mcdavid came out social media and paid their hearty tribute and condolences to the late little star. Netizens also flooded social media with their hearty tributes and condolences to the late little star. Reports have suggested that his fans and admirers have decided to take out a procession at his funeral. Although currently there is not much information regarding the procession at the moment we will update you soon on this. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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