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Who Was Dan Petrescu Died With Wife & Son PC-12 Aircraft Hit Building: Video


The quite frightening incident is reported from San Donato Milanese, a town near Milan where the single-engine Pilatus PC-12 crashed moments after taking off from Milan’s Linate Airport on 3rd October, as its journey to Olbia on the Sardinia Island of Ilaty. Ever since the news took place everyone was shocked because many people have lost their lives, and it is being said that Romania’s richest man was also traveling in the plane. But unfortunately, he is no longer among us, because the sad incident became the cause of his sudden demise, get to know more check the details given below.

Billionaire Dan Petrescu

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Romania’s richest man is identified as Petrescu, 68, along with his wife and son also passed away due to a tragic incident. When the single-engine plane plummeted into a subway station in San Donato Milanese. Whoever saw the incident their goosebumps have appeared and at the time of crashing horrible sound came out, which made everyone scared. Along with, Petrescu and his family plenty of families were also travelling but their bodies are getting identified yet, so that, their family makes acquainted with the dead bodies.

It is being reported that an Italian-born businessman called Filippo Nascimbene also passed away due to a tragedy along with his entire close ones, such as his wife Claire Alexandrescou their one-year-old son Rafael, and her mother Miruna Anca Wanda Lozinschi. Everyone is mourning this tragic incident because no one expected that such a great sorrow will surround them in such a way. Uncounted people are paying tribute to all those who have passed away. Because those who have left are going through a great shock as their close ones have left the world forever, therefore social networking sites have been flooded by heartfelt messages.

Whenever such incidents are reported, it makes everyone broken because nowadays many people are losing their life, due to ongoing pandemics. But ever since such tragedies are taking place people are worrying, because nowadays no one can predict anything that what will be happened in the next moment. Recently another incident was reported from Kabul where numerous have lost their lives due to terrorism, so hence, no one can predict that what kind of incident is waiting for them. We will pray may their soul are rest in peace, and are deep condolence with their families, we have mentioned such things which came as per the reports.



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