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Who Was Brian Ferguson? Scots Boxing Gym Coach Dies, Partner Pays Tributes


It is very sad to share that Glasgow native Brian Ferguson passed away at the age of 65 years. He suddenly died in Spain and he died on Wednesday 4 January 2023. He was mostly known as Supar-fit scots boxing coach and he was founded dead at his residence close to Malaga. There are lots of people who are tributing him for his death and expressing their sadness for his death. Here in this article, we are to discuss his death and also talk about the cause of his death so read this article continuously.

Who Was Brian Ferguson Scots Boxing Gym Coach Dies

How Did Brian Ferguson Die?

According to the sources, He was suffering from heart attack problems for a long period of time and this is said the cause of his death. He last spoke with Janine by the medium of phone on Tuesday 3 January 2023 at around 3:00 pm. Now she is living at Qatar and he said to her that he feels dizzy but inteated that he take a taxi to the house of his landlord for that he could pay the rent. He also said that it was a beautiful day and he would walk for an hour to contact her when he arrive at home. In the conclusion that a heart attack is the main cause of his death and there is no more news is released by anyone of his loved ones.

Who Was Brian Ferguson?

He was a Scots boxer and he ran a boxing gym in the area where he was also known for his picture of health. Last year he moved to Andalucia in January and spent 12 years working as a financial advisor in Qatar. His wife named Janine Hayek is his life partner and he met to her in Qatar four years ago. He always put his health first and he had never fallen in sick. He has three children and is most popular among the boxing community.

He was a good-hearted person and always put his health first. His death is shocking news for his family and friends. His death news broke the heart of his family and they are expressing their soreness. He made his last call on 3 January 2023 and passed away on 4 January 2023. He had worked with Frank Bruno and Gary Jacobs and other ex-pros. His wife expresses his love for her beloved husband and so many people express their condolences to her. Lots of people share their thoughts to his family at this painful moment by commenting and messaging on social media pages.


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