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Who Was Brittany Lauderback? Montco School Staff Member Dead How Did She Die?


Once again, A Montgomery County School is reaming the hot potato among everyone, especially those, who are connected with the school community. Yes, you heard right, a staff member of the school Brittany Lauderback recently passed away due to a novel virus complication. Since the news appeared everyone got shocked, because many students are pursuing their studies at the same school, therefore the case is becoming a hot discussion among everyone. As soon as the news is surfacing on the internet, everyone is started paying tribute to her as well, so below you could check the comprehensive details.

Who Was Brittany Lauderback? Montco School Staff Member Dead How Did She Die?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the deceased is identified as Brittany Lauderback, a staff member of Colonial Elementary School and her departure took place on 3rd January 2022, she was going through a great complication of a fatal virus, and therefore as soon as the days are passing her health was deteriorating in such a manner, that medical team could make her life safe and at the end, she had to leave the world. The entire school community is mourning her demise as nothing was predicted but it happened and left everyone in deep shock.

Who Was Brittany Lauderback?

It is being reported, that everyone is paying tribute to her via social media because one of the most beloved teachers is no longer among them. Even the whole staff is sending their deepest condolence to her close ones so that, they could bear the pain of this great loss. The deceased was not too old to pass, but unfortunately, her health did not favor her in the manner of fighting against the deadly virus. Even the medical team prescribe her close ones to carry the dead body safely, as she left the world against fighting of Novel virus.

Hitherto, her family or school community did not share even a single detail about her funeral, so, therefore, everyone especially her students are looked ahead to get the details of her funeral so that, they can give her last farewell. The news is too heartbreaking for everyone because nothing is more painful than losing someone who is close to us. So when something will come from the side of her family or school community we will make you oriented for sure, so stay connected with us because our team is looking forward to getting more pieces of vital information.


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