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Who Was Alamin Mohammed Seid? Veteran Freedom Fighter Dies At 74, Death Cause & Images


One of the freedom fighter veterans of the Eritrean War of Independence Alamin Mohammed Seid has passed away at the age of 74. The exact date of his demise is unknown so far. On behalf of the reports, he died at the age of 74. The vital cause of his death is sudden illness during his brief sojourn-for public seminars in Saudi Arabia. All of his family members and his friends are in immense shock after learning of this misfortune. The entire nation is sending their deep condolence to his family. Get more information regarding Alamin Mohammed Seid’s death.

Who Was Alamin Mohammed Seid? Veteran Freedom Fighter Dies At 74, Death Cause & Images

Who Was Alamin Mohammed Seid

As we mentioned above that Seid was a veteran involved in the Eritrean War of Independence since 1964. He associated with the Eritrean Liberation Front in the same year. In 1970 the association was later renamed as Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. After that, he also assisted as the Minister of information and Culture. He along with Isaias Afewerki recognized as the only two members of the EPLF working as Executive Council at the Third Congress. Later, he was appointed for the secretary position, he was still serving as the secretary.

He was born in Massawa, Eritrean, the rest of the information regarding his family and personnel life is being revived. It is quite less available regarding him on the Internet. All the people are paying tribute to the veteran. Other veterans who were along with him in the war. Any of his family members haven’t made any kind of statement, it assumed that his family members are busy performing Seid’s last rites. Many significant personalities are expressing their sorrow through social media networks while some of them even reached to attend his crematorium.

If we talk about the Eritrean War of Independence was a dispute between the successive Ethiopian government and Eritrean independence fighters. The war has been started on 1 September 1991. In addition to this, Eritrean was an Italian Colony from the 1880s until the defeat of the Italians by the Allies of World War ii in 1941. Later in 1941, Eritrean became a British protectorate until 1951. Our thoughts, supports, and prayers are with his family in such hardship. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more worldwide information.


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