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Who Was Cesar Echaverry? Miami-Dade Officer Shot To Death By Theft Suspect


We are extremely sad and distressed sharing this appalling news of Cesar Echeverry’s passing. Cesar Echaverry was a Miami-Dade County officer, he was performing his duty at the time of his death. According to the reports, officer Cesar was barricading a robbery with a team including other officers of the police department when he was shot by a robber in the head. He was immediately rushed to the hospital. The entire information has been released by the police department and the news went viral all over social media. Get more information on who is Cesar Echaverry the cause of his death.

Who Was Cesar Echaverry? Miami-Dade Officer Shot To Death By Theft Suspect

As we mentioned above officer Echaverry was responding to a robbery and he was chasing a suspect in an armed robbery in Broward County. The entire incident ensued on Monday night in Miami. He was among the team who deployed to stop a robbery on 15th August 2022, when the officer got shot in the head and rushed to the Jackson Memorial Hospital. He was receiving treatment but suddenly his health started deteriorating and in the end, he lost the battle of life.

Who Was Cesar Echaverry?

On Wednesday 17th August 2022 a huge group of law enforcement officers gathered at the hospital to show their respect and support for Echaverry and his family. The police department disclosed that the suspect was trying to elope the scene and reported armed robbery by smashing his vehicle into a police cruiser and another vehicle. The entire information has been released by Miami-Dade Police Department.

As we mentioned above that the news of the officer’s sudden demise went viral all the people who have learned about the tragic incident are trying to fetch more details about the shooting and the officer’s personal details. As we informed that the officer passed away during the late hours of Monday after suffering some serious head injuries during a shootout in Miami. The robbery was taking place in Liberty City, near 67th Street and 17th Avenue.

The department added that the team was stopping a white car connected to the previous robber and tried to halt the car but the driver denied to exit the car. The driver of the suspected car was then trying to flee but his car was stuck in another vehicle and they started firing when the officer got injured and in the counter firing the shooter also died. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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