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Who Was Chris Weippeart? What Happened To Kiesha Weippeart Father?


Today we are going to share the sad news about a six years old girl who was killed by her own mother. This news went viral all over the internet and spread widely. This news raises questions about the parenting of children and also forced us to think about how can a mother do hideous and terrible things to her own daughter and mislead the police after doing this with her partner. To know more about this case please scroll down to the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Who Was Chris Weippeart, Kiesha Weippeart Father

What Happened To Kiesha Weippeart Father?

Smith is the stepfather of the Kiesha. Kiesha Wwippearts was Chris Wippearts who was dead in November 2012 due to natural factors his father who was the grandfather of Kiesha told tp police that Chris had several problems such as diabetes and was also known as a drug user but any suspicious activity was not found on Chris death when they sent a body of him for the postmortem and his reports came.What happened to Chris Weippeart

However, Smith and Krist were arrested and charged with their own daughter’s murder on the day which would have been Kieshas seventh birthday. And one factor was also outcome as that Kiesha suffered for a long time from physical abuse which cause her death. Kiesha’s mother was sentenced to at least 16 years in prison. On the other hand, the victim’s stepfather, Robert Smith, was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison for being a co-conspirator in the young girl’s murder and now Smith is released on 16 May 2023 after serving 12 years in the prison.

The girl we are talking about was six years old and killed by her own mother and her stepfather identified as Kiesha Weippearts. Her mother Kristi Abrahams also mislead the police and reported the missing complaint file to the police station about Keisha after doing this horrible thing. According to the police, Kristi Abraham reportedly missing and file a complaint on 1 August and pretended to be worried about her and told the police that she saw last seen Kiesha when she laid her on the bed last night.

Kristi who is her mother and Smith who is the stepfather of  Kiesha mislead the police after killing her and hiding her body before burning and burying it in the Sydneys West. They were arrested when the authorities searched for Kieasha after when Smith and Kristi publicly made that Kiesha is missing These searches of authorities led them into Western Sydney where they buried Kiesha.

According to the reports, Kristi put her unconsciousness because she is not putting her pajama, and then Kiesha never woke up and passed away. Her mother was not urged to take her to the hospital so she could receive medical treatment and maybe there is a chance for to her survive but instead of this, she did this disgusting thing with her partner who is also the stepfather of Kiesha, and also mislead everyone including the police.


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