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Who Was Cirsten Weldon? Former Actress Dies What Was Her Cause Of Death?


We are saddened to report the unfortunate passing of Cirsten Weldon. The former actress has reportedly died on Thursday, January 6, 2022. She was a resident of Sarasota which is located in Florida. The actress was quite active on Instagram and used to update her followers with her life events. Cirsten had recently shared a photo of herself where she was seen lying on a hospital bed six days ago on IG. She had captioned the post by “almost died at the hospital from Bacterial Pneumonia”. Check what happened to Cirsten Weldon.

Who Was Cirsten Weldon? Former Actress Dies What Was Her Cause Of Death?


Sources confirm that Cirsten was battling the ongoing spread virus and was getting treatment for the same too. However, she couldn’t get saved as the virus became Cirsten Weldon cause of death. Ever since the heartbreaking news was shared on social media. netizens are remembering her and are paying tributes for her online. Her last post on Instagram had also been witnessing a flood of emotional and RIP comments and messages. Earlier this year, Weldon updated her health condition to her followers on Telegram.

Who Was Cirsten Weldon?

Reportedly, Weldon was assigned to mandatory oxygen treatment due to the contagious disease. It is assumed that the actress was between the fifties and sixties when she took her last breath. Talking about Cirsten Weldon, along with being an actress, she was also an author and an interior designer. She had published a book going by the name “Intel Drops” where the actress had exposed honoured organizations and their power-driven dogmas.

However, she had revealed that the said book was banned and was not being published. She added that her book was stopped at the distribution house. Although she had sold around 32,000 copies already. Later, the author launched another book titled “Singaporean thoughts” which was based on her life. It garnered positive reviews from the readers. Cirsten appeared in several movies in her initial days but got recognition for her appearance in The Doors and Hard to Die.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she went to Loma Linda University and completed her graduation in interior design. She also earned a secondary degree from the United Southeast Asia Institue which is based in Singapore. In July 2002, Weldon became Eurasian Designs CEO and showed off her skills in estate sales and interior design. The actress had blamed president Joe Biden for accepting billions of dollars from China and had tested weather warfare weapons in the US.


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