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Who Was Damon Thibodeaux? Cause Of Death Passes Away At 47


The notorious criminal Damon Thibodeaux has passed away at the age of 47 due to the complications of a deadly virus, he had spent more than 8 years behind the bar. His death news has been confirmed by his brother David Thibodeaux, and he unleashed a statement as well regarding Damon’s treatment. Ever since his family got acquainted with the news of his demise a wave of grief surrounded them. He was separated from everyone for 9 years and after coming out of jail, he left his close ones forever. Which they did not even imagine, get to know more check the comprehensive details given below.

Damon Thibodeaux

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Damon’s brother David has shared a statement regarding his medical treatment, where he said that ” The Nurse who was taking care of him addressed Damon as a positive and very friendly human, and she was also rewarded to take care of him. She further, says that numerous people hate him but he was not as bad as the people thought about him. According to his brother, their tears could not stop as soon as they saw him taking his last breath of life, and hence, they broke down in tears.

It is being reported, that 47-years-old Damon was accused in Lousiana in 1997 and after releasing from jail in 2012, he went to Austin, Texas, and started working as a commercial truck driver. Because he decided to live his life peacefully without any grudge and guilt, because he wanted to forget everything so that, he can initiate his new life. But when he got infected with a deadly virus his brother made him admit to the hospital and gradually his health was getting better, even doctors told them if his Oxygen reaches 95 so they will remove Oxygen tubes definitely.

After some time, his condition got worsened because spontaneously his oxygen level decreased and at the same time, the Nurse informed his family that his lungs have been damaged properly. As the complications got increased due to the deadly virus, his body could not fight more and he left the world. The medical staff has done their best to made him save but due to complications, they could not save him, and unfortunately, he is no longer among us. His brother David expressed his feelings towards him and mentioned that he did not get the happiness of the world, so may god give his soul rest in peace (RIP).


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