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Who Was Daniel Quintero? Teenage Jockey killed in a Horrific Training Accident after Two Horses Collide


As per reports, Daniel Quintero, a teenage jockey, was tragically killed after two horses collided in a horrific training accident. It is coming forward that the teenager was working at Tampa Bay Downs racecourse in Florida. The saddening incident happened on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at around 7 AM. Before the jockey was taken to the hospital, he passed away. Now, the news of his passing has surfaced on the internet and has saddened many of his friends, well-wishers, and family. Here, check what happened to the 19-year-old and how did he die. Grab all the details in the article below.

Daniel Quintero Teenage Jockey killed

It has been confirmed that Daniel’s horse bolted the wrong way around the track because of which the accident happened in the first place. As it bolted in the other direction, the horse collided with another horse that was coming in the opposite direction which unfortunately resulted in the teenage jockey’s death. However, the other jockey and the two horses escaped the fatal accident. Reports confirm that both the horses are safe while the other jockey who was seated on the other horse is also perfectly fine. Sadly, Daniel could not survive and succumbed to the injuries sustained from the incident.

After the tragic accident, a minute silence was held at Tampa Bay Downs on Saturday, the day the horrific accident occurred. It was held to honor the teenager who died in the accident. Sources state that the teenager was born in Venezuela before he moved to the US. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they were informed about the incident at around 7 AM local time. Needless to say, the news surfaced all over the internet like wildfire and swept everyone’s attention. No one seemed to believe the fact that the young boy died at such a mere age and left all his loved behind in profound grief.

The course took to Twitter to share a tweet where they wrote that Excercise rider Daniel Quintero died as a result of a training accident this morning at Tampa Bay Downs. The entire racetrack community expresses its condolences to his family members and friends. Sydney Fried, his colleague, said that he does not think that he ever saw him without a smile on his face and he was always trying to put a smile on everyone. Well, the investigation into the saddening accident is ongoing as the officials are trying to find out more details about it. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news.


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