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Who Was Diana Kennedy? British Influential Guru Of Mexican Cuisine Dies At 99


One of the famous Internet personalities named Diana Kennedy well known for his Food blogging passed away at the age of 99. The enormously popular British-born food writer served his entire life elevating the richness and diversity of Mexico’s utmost delicious heritage and assisted to popularise its national at the International level. He dedicated her complete life to promoting Mexico’s culinary legacy. The news of her passing widely spread on the Internet and her extensive fanbase is sinking in sorrow after learning about the distressing news. Get more information on Diana Kennedy’s death cause, Mexican Cuisine expert.

Who Was Diana Kennedy British Influential Guru Of Mexican Cuisine Dies At 99

According to the latest reports, the information about her passing has been announced and confirmed by The Mexican culture ministry. The ministry took social media accounts to announce the news and informed that the influencer was at her home surrounded by her beloved while taking her last breath. However, the information didn’t mention the vital reason for her death. It is being assumed that she passed away due to age-related health issues. Many significant personalities of the country expressed their sorrow on this misfortune.

Who Was Diana Kennedy?

In addition to this, Kennedy had been recognized as the ‘Julia Child of Mexican Cuisine that she was also referred to as the ‘the Mick Jagger of Mexican Cuisine’. She was also holding the title of ‘Indiana Jones of Food’. She attained the title after the immensely famed chef named José Andrés praised her limitless efforts of Kennedy. the chef stated, “She loved Mexico, Mexicans and Mexican cooking like no one!”. The chef further stated that she is behind introducing many Mexican cooks, especially women.

He ends his statement on a sad note and says she was his teacher and they will cook together one day again. Kennedy was born in 1923 in Diana Southwood in Loughton, England. She later moved to Canada in 1953. After moving to Canada she came to Mexico in the same year after her marriage to Pual P Kennedy. Her husband was associated with New York Times as a journalist, however, her husband passed away in the year 1967 after which Kennedy lived some years in Michoacán, a harsh state in Mexico country.

She had fallen in love with the country and its culture. She was then engaged in the culinary and the rest is the history. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family members. We hope that the pure soul will rest in peace. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information.


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