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Who Was Diane Ronnau? Veteran CBS News Producer Passes Away How Did She Die?


One of Andy Cohen’s close friends, Diane Ronnau, died, and he is in grief. According to her LinkedIn profile, Diane has been a producer for CBS for the past 32 years. On July 23, 2022, Cohen paid respect to Ronnau on Instagram. In 1996, Cohen and Ronnau co-worked together and grew close. “The most unique and intimate friendships are frequently the close ones that form in a work atmosphere. “Beginning in 1996, my “CBS Wives,” Diane Ronnau and Mary Noonan, and I worked at CBS NEWS as a trio”, wrote Andy.

Who Was Diane Ronnau Veteran CBS News Producer Passes Away How Did She Die

Diane, the stunning brunette firecracker above, passed away Friday night after a 16-year fight with cancer, according to part of Cohen’s Instagram remark. Ronnau began experiencing some back pain in 2006, according to CBS Evening News. Advil was used to relieve the discomfort, but it only made matters worse. She also experienced some yellowing of the eyes, and examinations revealed that she required surgery because her “pancreas was blocked by a tumor.”

Who Was Diane Ronnau?

Ronnau was identified as having stage IV pancreatic cancer following the procedure. After Ronnau began her chemotherapy-based treatment, her cancer had gone into remission after a year. Ronnau resumed work while under constant medical observation. She continued to live for a number of years after that, raising her boys, working, and receiving medical care as prescribed by her doctors. Stage IV pancreatic cancer has a 1% five-year survival rate, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

The typical patient with pancreatic cancer in its late stages will survive for roughly a year after their diagnosis. Her twin sons Aiden and Ben are the only survivors of Ronnau. A few images from the memories that Cohen and Ronnau had shared throughout the years were provided by Cohen. He went into further detail about Ronnau, using words like “adventurous” and “fearless” to describe her. Several of Ronnau’s friends posted such memorial tributes on social media.

We were devastated to hear about the passing of our wonderful CBS News colleague Diane Ronnau. A dependable member of our Los Angeles Bureau. She was a wonderful, extremely intelligent, and incredibly smart woman. RIP Diane, wrote Ronnau’s coworker Steve Futterman in a Facebook post. “I’m sorry Diane, I used the word “so” three times. Tributes and condolence messages have flooded social media as everyone seems to be paying respects to Diane. Our team also extends our deepest condolences to her family and everyone suffering. Follow our site to get more updates and news.


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