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Who was DJ Paul Johnson? Passed Away At 50 Check His Cause Of Death


The very shocking news is coming in front of the people that American DJ and producer Paul Johnson has passed away at the age of 50, due to Covid-19 complications. There is an atmosphere of sorrow among the people who love to follow him because this kind of incident has broken them and they had no idea about it at all. Many condolence messages are being posted on Twitter by his fans, due to which there has been a flood on Twitter. Plenty of people want to know all the essential details about him so you can check them below.

DJ Paul Johnson

As per the exclusive information, RP Boo who is a producer from Chicago shared a post saying that a gem between us is gone forever who was a great producer and DJ too. Another of his friends, Mr. Mike Sevito, said that Johnson was the person who made people all over the world crazy with his DJ. But now he left all of us and left this world too forever, whose grief is very much and this incident is shocking for everyone. When this deadly virus caught him, everyone thought that he would also recover, but the complications increased so much that he lost his life.

Now uncounted people are keen to know comprehensive details about him, so Paul Johnson was born in 1971 on 11th January, and is quite familiar for his own self-taught DJ house. His “Get Down” track was massively hit worldwide in 1999, he had started Djing in 1984 when he was only 13 years old. Later, he worked with many house Labels in Chicago as a producer. But when his ” Gate Down” track took place it got a huge response and spread like a wildfire, and n became the top 5 hits in the UK and counted in the top 3 lists of Greece as well.

As per the reports, Paul Johnson has started the Chicago House Label along with the help of his partner Radek. He worked as brother 2 brother with Robert Armany and with Grant Gord under the name Traxman. His other track called ” Follow This Beat” has released in 2004 and got a huge response from the fans and came on the list of top 8 songs. Another side, Johnson was on a wheelchair in 1987 due to a shooting injury and in 2003 he had lost a leg. Even he had lost his second leg last year due to a road accident. Everyone is praying for his soul to rest in peace and we will do the same RIP.



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