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Who was Drake Geiger? Nebraska Footballer Cause Of Death 16 Year Boy Died


A very sad incident is coming in front of the people where a 16-year-old football player Drake Geiger from Nebraska died due to practicing in the scorching heat. He died on August 10 and is a student of Omaha South High School, The accident was very unexpected because he died in a very short time of practice, which is a matter of discussion among the people somewhere. There is a lot of grief between his family and close relatives, especially his parents as they lost their young child. His father has given a statement which you can check in the information given below.

Drake Geiger

As per the exclusive reports, Geiger’s father Scott Hoffmann said his son died when he was on his way to a drink after finishing his drill. When he was found unconscious, he was taken to the medical center, it is also being told that his sister Brittany has written on the GoFundMe page that The medical team gave their best and did all the tests so that they could be saved. Everything that could have been done was done but unfortunately, they could not save him. After a lot of seeing, Drake left this world, whose shock is very deep for his family.

It is being told that Geiger’s father got a call from the coach around 4:20 pm when he came to know that Drack had fallen and he was admitted to the hospital. After admitting him, the doctor came and told everyone that his body had become very hot due to the practice in very high heat. It was further said that due to the extreme heat, his organs could not maintain this pressure, due to which his condition suddenly became very bad. His condition kept getting worse and his body kept declining which led to his death.

Drake’s school also issued a letter to his family in which, they wrote that they remained in touch with his family and extended their heartfelt support and sympathy. He further said that this news has shocked everyone because it is a matter of concern that someone dies due to extreme heat. When the news of his death came to the fore, almost everyone was surprised, who are active on social media and many users have also tweeted. Where everyone also prayed for the peace of his soul and one user wrote that please be safe while out, we will also pray for his soul to rest in peace.


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