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Ebi Eats Health Care Influencer & NurseLifeRN Dies Ebiowei Porbeni Check Death Reason


The popular creator of NurseLifeRN named Ebi Porbeni has passed away on July 22, 2021. The nurse’s death news has shocked social media as the people are not believing the fact the creator has actually died. Better known as Evi Eats, Porbeni was a Healthcare influencer who used to update his fans about his experiences. As per the reports, the nurse was battling against Leukaemia for quite some time which is blood and bone marrow cancer. However, on Thursday, he eventually lost the battle and died due to cancer. Ever since the death news came out, people are expressing their grief and sorrow over his demise.

Ebi Eats

Ebi Eats death has shocked the entire nursing community since he was the founder of NurseLifeRn. For those unaware, it is nurse recruitment along with a social media marketing agency that provides opportunities to the new nurses in the medical field. Ebi has begun this agency back in 2017. The initiative has gained appreciation from the community and since then, Ebi also became popular. Besides nursing, he was also an entrepreneur. People have been flooding social media with tributes and sad posts. They are stating that the nursing community lost a funny personality whose place will never be fulfilled.

Born in Nigeria, Ebi Eats had moved to Chicago when he was aged nine. After completing his studies at Malone University, Ebi became an ICU nurse at the University of California situated in Los Angeles. With almost 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account with the user name @nurseliferen, he shared plenty of memes and funny posts which was related to his nursing life experience on a daily basis. Besides, Ebi also has a personal Instagram account by @ebi_eats. Currently, both of his accounts have been set to private to provide privacy to his death.

Apart from his nursing agency and working as an experienced nurse, Ebi Porbeni had a ‘Nurse Speak’ named podcast. Here, he spoke about the ups and downs one has to go through in his nursing life. In September 2019, Ebi himself had shared that he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He had shared a post on his Instagram stating the chemotherapy will begin in some time. He had also created a GoFundMe where he appealed to the people to fund him for his medical treatment. At present, the fund has raised $254,000. Even after battling with the deadliest disease at such a young age, Ebi Eats couldn’t survive and sadly passed away.


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