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Who Was Editor Richard Buckley Died at 72 Find Out His Cause of Death Husband Of Tom Ford


The quite heart-wrenching news is arriving towards the people which made everyone shattered and broken enough because journalist and Fashion editor of Vogue Richard Buckley has passed away at the age of 72 due to long-term illness by the natural cause. Ever since the news came to the fore, a wave of sorrow surrounded everyone especially his close ones. Because his demise was too unexpected, and hence, his entire family is going through deep pain. He was widely due to his overwhelming work, but unfortunately, he is no longer among us. Get to know more check the details given below such as wiki-bio, net worth, family, etc.

Editor Richard Buckley Wiki

As per the exclusive reports, Richard was suffering from a long-term illness that made him internally weak, and therefore he could not survive for long and left the world shockingly. He had successfully recovered from the lethal disease called cancer, and after that, he was not caught by any kind of disease and got cured as well. But spontaneously, his health started accepting such weakness, but as time passed and he aged, many health problems started coming in front of him. Due to this, he died in the end due to natural causes.


Richard Buckley was editor-in-chief of vogue homes international in 1999 and had the best fashion sense which used to attract his uncounted fans, and therefore he has such a massive fan following. He was born in Binghamton city New York, later he decided to finish his studies at the Maryland University of Munich, and began his career in magazines and newspapers. Richard was married to Tom Ford and both have completed around 35 years, ever since the news took place everyone has started paying tribute to him because one of the best fashion designers has left the world forever.

It is being said, that he took his last breath at his Los Angeles residence with his family, who were taking care of him. All his fans, friends, and close ones are paying the tribute on social media through Twitter because of which, it has been flooded by the condolences messages. Plenty of people are praying to god for providing some strength to his family so that, they can bear such great pain and overcome it soon. All his relatives are supporting his family because they need their support more in this hard time. We will pray for his soul to rest in peace (RIP)


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