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Who Was Edward Lake? Dad Who Lost 3 Children In Fatal Car Crash In 2015 Kills Himself


The latest shattering news has come out, that a man named Edward Lake has committed suicide. Edward lake was in the headlines, in the year 2015, he was in the headlines for saddening reasons. In the year 2015, Edward Lake lost his three children in a deadly and heart-wrenching collision. This news shattered and saddened many people across the country. He lost all his children and that also altogether, was very heart-wrenching.

Who Was Edward Lake Dad Who Lost 3 Children In Fatal Car Crash In 2015 Kills Himself

A drunk Truck driver ran over his children, in the year 2015. This deadly incident occurred in the greater Toronto area. Now after 7 years of his children’s unfortunate and horrendous death Edward Lake has been found dead at his home. According to the reports, Edward Lake’s body was found at his home on Monday, 20 June. The news about his unfortunate demise was announced by the Popular Media Outlet Toronto Sun. His body was found in his home in Brampton city. Reports have claimed that he committed suicide.

Who Was Edward Lake?

According to the reports, since he lost his children in the year 2015, he was not keeping well. Reports have further claimed that he was suffering from mental health issues. He was under the Mental Health act since that incident. He couldn’t bear the loss of his children, which is normal. His whole world was lost in a single day when he lost all his children. Edward Lake’s wife also confirmed his unfortunate demise on her official Twitter account.

The reports have claimed that the couple was heartbroken since they lost their children. The massive loss deeply broke the couple, they weren’t the same since losing their children in September 2015. Reports have claimed that his wife and other family members are currently devastated and traumatized after losing him. Edward Lake’s unfortunate demise has shattered and saddened everyone on the internet and social media.

Netizens have been deeply hurt since the news of his demise was announced. Netizens have flooded social media with their hearty tributes and condolences to the late Edward lake. The police officials are looking into the case currently and soon it might be revealed how he committed suicide. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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