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Who Was Edward Muhumuza? NTV Journalist Edward Muhumuza Dies in Car Crash


The entire journalism world is mourning to loss of another media personality whose departure brought a wave of immense sadness while leaving everyone heartbroken. Yes, you heard right, the popular Urban TV and Nation Media Groups journalist “Edward Muhumuza” is unfortunately no longer among his close ones and admirers, as his departure occurred at the middle of his age and this is the reason, uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines to such an extent, as no one had even imagined that a day their faces will collide with something like this, below you can explore the further information you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Who Was Journalist Edward Muhumuza?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, barely a few hours would have passed of coming to the saddened news out and in spite of this, uncounted started expressing their deep sorrow. Because losing a legend in a certain manner is more painful than anything and thus, entire Twitter has been flooded with huge reactions because no one had an idea to loss him thus, there is no bond between their sorrow and thus, they are standing by the family of deceased too because if his admirers have been shattered, so everyone can suppose their condition too.

Who Was Edward Muhumuza?

Edward Muhumuza was a popular journalist who had a great fan following among his close ones and this is the reason, many awards and accomplishments have been registered in his name therefore, he won multiple awards due to his multi-talent and the way of reporting and this was the only reason uncounted loved to count him as their idol as he was the inspiration for many and therefore, when the news of his departure came out it left everyone shocked in a particular manner and thus, his admirers are currently going through a huge trauma.

Apart from all these, on social networking sites especially on Twitter a wave of immense reaction flood occurred where uncounted of his admirers are paying tribute to him while praying for his family so that, they can get enough strength to bear the pain of seeing the departure of someone our close in a certain manner and this is the only reason, entire Twitter has been poured of condolence and heartfelt quotes. Till now, there is no update of his cremation and therefore, when something will come out we will update you for sure. Stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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