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Who Was Elsa Mikeska? 2 Texas Teens Charged for Murder: Outside Gym Footage Video Clip


In the recent news, Houston police have charged two teenagers for murdering an elderly woman. Reportedly, they have killed a 62-years-old woman on June 17 when the lady was outside a gym located at 10570 block Fuqua Street in Southeast Houston. The woman has been identified as Elsa Mikeska who had parked her vehicle outside the gym around 4:50 AM. It was that time when two mysterious persons came closer to her. Within no time, one of the suspects gunned the old lady down. Now, the police have imposed two minors with murder charges.

Elsa Mikeska

The police department of Houston has even released a press where they have informed the details of the horrifying murder case. According to the officials, two suspects who reportedly approached the 62-years-old and gunned her down have been detained and they have been charged with the murder. They added that since the two culprits are minors, their names won’t be disclosed. However, it has come forward that one of the suspects, aged 16 was arrested on June 25 while another suspect got detained by the police this week only.

Disclosing the case, A Lopez, HPD Homicide Divison Sergeant and the Detectives N Sharp stated that on June 17, Elsa Mikeska reached the gym and parked her car in the parking lot when an SUV got parked near her vehicle. Reportedly, there were three people inside the suspicious car including one driver along with two underaged passengers who stepped out of the car. While Ms Mikeska headed towards the gym, the suspects called her. The old lady suspected that they are here to rob her.

Elsa Mikeska tried to escape by running towards the said gym but one of the culprits shot the gun which resulted in the lady collapsing near the entrance of the gym. After killing, the suspects also ran away with their parked SUV car while it was reported that they fled the crime scene Southbound and were on Beamer Road. Another statement was released by the Houston police stating that they initially believed that the suspects were Hispanic males.

However, it was later revealed that they were just minors. Soon after the murder, the officials began their investigation. The police even released the footage of the area and appealed to the public to help them in finding the culprits. They even disclosed the details of the vehicle stating it was a white Chevrolet SUV. Now, the juvenile suspects have gotten arrested and are charged with murder and robbery and have been sent to Harris County Juvenile Probation authorities.


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