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Who Was Enrico Colangeli? Dies At 48 Due To Drug Overdose Cause Of Death Explained


Recently, a total of three popular faces died due to drugs overdose. Yes, we are talking about the three comedians that lost their lives last weekend in California. One of the comedians was Enrico Colangeli whose family has been paying him tribute after he suddenly left them alone. It has been reported that the entertainer had reportedly consumed fentanyl-laced cocaine that became the cause of the death of not just Enrico Colangeli but also a fellow comedian along with a woman. Now, the netizens are sharing their sorrow over the shocking piece of news.

Enrico Colangeli

The 48-years-old entertainer died on Saturday morning, September 4, 2021. According to the police, his lifeless body was found in an apartment situated in Los Angeles that is near Venice Beach. The officials stated that it is speculated that he died due to a drug overdose. Along with Enrico, fellow comedian Fuquan Johnson and a woman friend named Natalie Williamson were also recovered dead. Soon after the information, the trio was rushed to a nearby hospital but unfortunately, due to their extreme critical condition, their lives can’t be saved and they all passed away.

Apart from the comic trio, Kate Quigley, a comedian and an actress was also present in the apartment. Kate Quigley’s condition was also not okay as she was found unresponsive in the said apartment. A text message has come forward where Kate had messaged one of her friends on Saturday evening and told about her health condition. She wrote that she is not great and but okay and alive. As per the reports surfacing around, it has been stated that the four friends were consuming cocaine that was laced with fentanyl that is believed to be a powerful opioid as it’s 50 times more potent than heroin.

Since the comedian was involved in a tragic incident, their lifeless body will be sent for autopsies to find out the actual cause of death. HaHa Comedy Club expressed their grief on their shocking demise. They paid the deceased a tribute on their Instagram handle and wrote that they have lost two precious members of the club and added that they would make everyone laugh in heaven. Besides Enrico’s family and friends who are devastated after learning about the demise of their loved one, the 48-years-old’s cousin Maria Spencer also displayed her sorrow. She stated that the entire family would miss Enrico Colangeli as he was very loved and admired.


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