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Who Was Erik Cantu? San Antonio Rookie Cop James Brennand Bodycam Footage Video Shooting Boy Eating Burger Outside McDonald’s


On social media, barely a day would have passed when the faces of users do not collide with the controversial footage, and almost every time these videos show something critical. Yes, you heard right, recently a rookie police officer was fired after shooting a 17-year-old teen outside of Mcdonald’s, and the incident was frightening to such an extent as the wounds were speaking out everything. Therefore, the concerned authorities decided to fire the officer, as the entire incident has been recorded by the surveillance camera which was spotted out of McDee’s wall.

Erik Cantu

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the deceased is identified as Erik Cantu who initially met an officer “James Brennand” in the parking of McDonald’s on 2nd October 2022 at around 10:30, and reportedly the two had an argument as well over the parking space. But later, Cantu came out with his car and was eating his cheeseburger outside of the McDee because of sitting space and he has remained the door of his car open. But spontaneously the officer came and started firing on him and pierced his chest, and fled from the scene but everything had been captured by the CCTV and therefore, he terminated on the spot.

Why San Antonio Rookie Cop Fired?

Reportedly, it was not the first time that a Rookie cop “James Brennand” appeared to take advantage of his position prior to this, multiple cases have come out but due to lack of evidence, he always get released from the hand of authorities. But now, the entire footage is available, and therefore, besides the termination, other actions will also be taken by the authorities against him and will make sure that he won’t get any further services. Even, uncounted are also requesting the authorities to punish him with a great sentence as he deserves to be served the lime-imprisonment.

Apart from all these, as soon as the McDonald’s management team got the sound of shooting they rushed out but till then, the officer had fled while leaving Cantu in a critical condition. Therefore, initially, they transported him to the nearest medical center so that, the medical team could examine him while blessing with further breath. But unfortunately, he lost his life before reaching the medical center, and hence, the doctors pronounced him dead as no breath was pending inside his body. So here we have mentioned the details which have been derived from the other sources, stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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