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Who Was Esra Haynes? 8-year-old Student Mourned After Easter Weekend Death Explained!


It is very sad to share that an 8-year-old student passed away and there is also a piece of death news coming out related to the death of a 13 years old girl and a 16 years old girl. Here, it is coming out that three girls died in which Esra Hayes, an 8-year-old is getting a lot of attention and popularity on the internet and social media platforms. This news is confusing many people and netizens, so we decided and made an article on this topic and shared the complete information related to their’s death and also talk some more information related to this incident.

Who Was Esra Haynes?

As per the exclusive reports and information, Esra Haynes died at the age of eight years old and the cause of his death is shared as cardiac arrest. It is also reported that she died after breathing in hazardous chemicals from an aerosol canister. She took her last breath on Saturday 8 April 2023 and now her death news is receiving huge attention on the internet. She was also known as Melbourne Athlete and one of the beloved of her family, friends, and loved ones. Currently, not much information is coming out related to her death.

Who Was Esra Haynes?

There is another death news also shared of a 13-year-old and this news is also circulating on the internet and social media pages. She died in a chroming event over the weekend and her death news has committed to circulating knowledge of the dangerous fad that exposes kids who continue to engage in it to major risks. There is one more piece of death news coming out of a 16 years old girl who was founded dead in her bedroom with a deodorant spray can and a tea towel below her has been among the documented deaths linked to chroming in Australia in previous years.

These deaths news are spreading like fire on the internet and social media and many users of social media are sharing their condolences for their deaths. There are many people and netizens who are expressing their sorrows and sadness for their deaths and supporting their families during this painful time period. Chroming is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object and this process is called chroming. There is not much information is shared related to these death incidents and we will update our article after getting more news related to this and mention it in our article. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles.


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