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Who Was Ethan Boyes? Champion Cyclist Killed in San Francisco CCTV Footage


We have to inform you with a saddened heart that the most famous cyclist is no longer with us. Ethan Boyes the champion cyclist was no more. His sudden passing news has brought a shockwave in the cycling community and people paying tribute to him. He kept his personal life private. He was only talking about his professional life through the post on social media Platforms. However who was he and what is the reason for his sudden death and if he had any issues? we will give you all information about him so please read the whole article.

Who Was Ethan Boyes

Ethan Boyes was an American Champion Cyclist who broke many records in his age group and was made up with Flying Start race car in the Aguascalientes, Mexico in the year 2018 on the high altitude track. People want to know and are curious know that how he died and if he was married or not because no one say anything about his death, not his family and relatives also till yet. Maybe they do not want to disclose his personal life and remain the same as he did. Though, the late champion was a person of secrecy and he always tried to maintain his privacy when it comes to his personal life.

Who Was Ethan Boyes’s?

Through our sources, we get to know what is the reason for his death. Ethan Boyes was killed in a car accident. He lost his life on 4th April Tuesday 2023 in the evening. He died at the age of 44. According to the police, The cyclist champion was hit by the car at around 4.00 pm in the evening on Tuesday at Presidio. He was taken down quickly into a nearby hospital with deadly injuries. Now again, this high-profile event brought attention to the difficulties of the city in lowering traffic fatalities.

After then when he was taken down to the hospital he was found dead. Police declared him dead and gave this shocking news and this news got viral. Moreover, whether he was married or not is still unknown because he kept his personal life private. People gave tribute to him and condolence to him and his family if he had. we can’t say anything more about his personal life. The champion cyclist Ethans Boyes was deceased in a car accident on 4th April 2023. He will be remembered always by people and especially in the cycling community. Our condolence to him. If we get any update related to him we will inform you please stay tuned with us.


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