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Who Was George Musser? Missing Stillwater 20-Year-Old Boy Found Dead


There is news flowing on the top of social media about George Musser a 20-year-old boy who was lost and the Stillwater is continuing an investigation to collect more information and he was been discovered dead on Sunday, 25 December 2022. The Stillwater, MN police are ongoing their investigation, and searching for him and his family is expressing their sadness after this incident. There are lots of shares of their grief for his death and his family also broke after his death. Here in this article, we will talk about him and what happened to him so continue your reading.

Who Was George Musser Missing Stillwater 20 Year Old Boy Found Dead

Who Was George Musser?

After appealing for help from the public for a youngster who went missing early on Saturday to Stillwater police then the police begin their investigation. According to the police, He was last seen at Brian’s Bar in Downtown Stillwater at nearly 2:10 am on Saturday, 24 December 2022. After getting some information police continues their search for him and then they found him as dead. His family and friends were coming forward to search for him but now he passed away and was last seen at a bar on foot without a coat. There is no information coming out related to his missing and the police are continuing their search for him.

When he was last seen at Brian’s Bar he wore a stocking cap, dark blue pants, and a dark gray flannel shirt and also shared some personal information that he is a 145-pound man with brown eyes and brown hair. According to his mother Nancy Musser that a community will begin a search for him on Sunday at 11:30 pm. His family was worried about him. His car was left behind, and his car keys were founded in a dumpster where his wallet was founded in a snowbank which is nearby. According to his cousin named Emily Dalbec that after 2:20 am he was lost and he was not dressed for the outside weather.

His death news is announced by his family just before 8:00 pm after discovered his dead body by the police. This news went to the trends of social media and there are lots of people sharing their responses to his death and supporting his family at the sad moment. In the end, he was lost on Saturday at just a little before 02:00 am at Brian’s Bar and on Sunday he was found dead. For reading more articles related to the latest news then stay connected to our website.


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