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Who Was Harvinder Singh? Indo-Canadian Cop Dies in Traffic Accident in Canada’s


Today I’m sharing some bad news with you. A 32-year-old Indo-Canadian officer lost his life in a traffic accident. This accident took place in the Canadian province of Alberta. Officer Harvinder Singh Dhami died on Monday. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported a timely response to a noise complaint at 2 am. According to the information, he was driving a police vehicle. this vehicle out of his control. And crashed into a concrete barrier. They were treated by civilians and emergency services at the accident scene but he died from an accident.

Harvinder Singh

He joined the police service in 2019. He was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and he was a well-displayed man. He was a very dedicated person. All of his staff and family member is very depressed after hearing this news. This is very heartbreaking news. We lose a policeman. He was very kind to his nation. No one has no idea about this was happens to him. His family misses him a lot.

Who Was Harvinder Singh?

The police are investigating at accident place. The case is handled by Strathcona RCMP. He lived with his beautiful wife Ravinder and his family, his mother, his sister, and his brother. According to the report, after his death. Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki, and Commanding Officer of the Alberta RCMP, said,” They lost a very loyal member of the police”.On Monday afternoon, everyone comes to their funeral and they were honored with flowers. Their colleagues are also sad after this news. People requested the government for helping their families. This is a very hard time for their family. His family lost him at a young age. We feel also sad for them. This is very heartbreaking news. This time accidents are increasing nowadays.

People should pay attention to their driving while driving. This news is getting aware to individuals. People always do wrong driving due to which accidents are reducing to a great extent. People should drive well and save themselves from an accident. People should also follow all the traffic rules. People should be aware of the other ones. They called to other for follows the traffic rules. If we can follow all traffic rules and pay attention to safe driving we can save our and other’s life. We can save many lives by following traffic rules. We do not drive at high speeds in public areas. We can share all the information about this news. Follow for more.


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