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Who Was Heather Smedley? Woman Killed After Crashed With Oldham Police Car


A mother of three, Heather Smedley, was killed after getting hit by an unmarked police car. Her tragic death shattered her loved ones’ hearts who are now coming forward to pay her heartfelt tributes. Known as kind and gentle, the woman’s sudden and untimely death affected her family. No one could believe the fact that she has been killed in a tragic accident. As per reports, the car that hit the woman was pursuing a different vehicle. Get all the latest details of the matter in the article below and find out what happened.

Who Was Heather Smedley Woman Killed After Crashed With Oldham Police Car


Who Was Heather Smedley?

The above-mentioned car that unfortunately claimed the 53-year-old woman’s life was reportedly stolen. It is said that the car collided with Heather Smedley’s car. The unfortunate accident took place in Royton, Oldham. The incident was so intense that it resulted in the woman getting several injuries that eventually turned out to be life-threatening. Taking her critical health condition, she was taken to a nearby hospital.

However, the doctors failed to improve her condition and she succumbed to her injuries. Reports confirm that the terrifying incident occurred on Friday, December 23, 2022, at 10:00 GMT. According to Heather’s family, she was the glue that held their family together and her passing has broken everyone to the core. No one had even imagined that the young and kind-hearted woman would leave her family this sooner. the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) released a statement and said that they understand that the police car had been pursuing a separate, suspected stolen vehicle before the collision.

The department shared its sincere thoughts with the woman’s family, friends, and everyone affected by the tragic accident at this difficult time. Besides, the officials also said that their investigation will examine the circumstances leading up to the collision. She was the “most lovely mother” to Benjamin, Olivia, and Jamie, as well as the daughter of Hilda and Fred and the wife of Damian, according to Mrs. Smedley’s relatives, who paid respect.

With her in it, they claimed, “the world was a lot better place.” She had the most “kind, gentle, lovely soul inside and out,” they continued. Her strength and courage never wavered as she overcame all of life’s obstacles, they continued. “She gave everything she had to everyone she loved and always supported those around her. She was the best role model we could have wished for when we were little.” Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates.


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