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Who Was Hero Stephen Cook Aka Cookie? Exeter Stabbing Victim Was A Homeless Man


It is coming forward that the man who died at the weekend fight has been identified by the police as Stephen Cook. He was 45 years old man and was a resident of Exeter who passed away and the investigators being their investigation. The investigation is ongoing and investigation inquiry of murder then began. This news is spread like fire on the internet and various people asking a lot of questions related to this incident, so let’s discuss the cause of his death and also talk about some more information related to him in this article.

Who Was Hero Stephen Cook Aka Cookie Exeter Stabbing Victim Was A Homeless Man

According to the information and sources, He was stabbed in Exeter over the weekend, and at the time of his death, he was founded with a wound on his chest from a stabbing at around 08:10 pm on Saturday 28 January 2023. He was immediately transferred to the hospital after discovering a chest wound where the doctors confirmed his death. Chest injuries and wounds are said as the cause of his death and his death news is shocking news for his family, friends, and loved ones. The investigators continue their investigation and search for more shreds of evidence and they didn’t share any information related to the murderer.

Who Was Hero Stephen Cook?

He was also known as a formerly homeless man Stephen “Cookie” and he was a father and a well-known respected person in his neighborhood. He was a resident of Exeter and he spent too much time of his life inside the bars. He had a great interest in music and want to use his passion for music to score a great hit. He was most popular after saving an unconscious man from the River Exe in 2017 and became known as a hero. He was addicted to a disorderly lifestyle of drugs and alcohol and was mostly seen as rough sleeping on the streets. Police continue their investigation for searching the killer who stabbed him in his chest.

There is a 29-year-old woman and 32 years old man from Exeter who had been arrested as a suspect on affray allegations but after some time they were both released on bail and ordered to report on 27 April. A 19-year-old Christchurch, Bournemouth resident was also detained on murder suspicious and is currently under the custody of police where the investigation is ongoing, and not much information has not been shared related to this investigation as can we say the murderer is not identified and has not been arrested yet but the investigation is ongoing and he will be arrested soon as possible.


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