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Who Was Holly Cantrell? California Woman Found Dead After Missing 2017 Check Cause Of Death & Images


A murder case had been registered at Okhlama Police Department, the case that was registered in 2017 come to the attention after the corpse of a woman recovered who was missing since 2017. The California-based woman identified as Holly Cantrell, it is being assumed that she was 40 years of her age at the time she went missing. The missing report had been registered and a dedicated investigation started a quick and brief enquiry which ended after the remains of the female were recovered by the police official. Get more information on who is Holly Cantrell and the cause of her death.

Holly Cantrell

According to the reports, Cantrell was associated with McAlester Regional Health Center. On 20th January 2017, she left her job and went for lunch and after that, she lost all connections with her family and friends. The household of the woman registered a complaint and during the investigation, the police officer check the surveillance camera and find out that the Cantrell getting into a car of green colour with a short wheelbase. She was wearing green scrubs, the information had been released by the investigation team.

After much effort, the police officers managed to find the dead body of the woman and the missing report turned into a murder complaint. As of now, the investigation department is analyzing all the pros and cons of the case and fetching evidence. However, the team is finding it difficult to obtain some strong evidence that can connect them to the culprit. The police authority asserted that they will soon conclude the case and provide a stern punishment to the accused. The Sheriff of Pittsburg County, Oklahoma stated “We want to do everything we can to solve it and make sure Holly’s family gets what’s coming to them.”

None of the arrests has been made so far in the case and the investigation is going on. Surveillance cameras are assisting the police in collecting the evidence. When the woman went missing a hunter found a purse on 25th February 2017 near Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. Holly Cantrell has been seen the last 12 miles away from where the purse was found.

In the following year, a rabbit hunter found the remains of a person about 1.5 miles from where the purse was found. Later, some more bones were found including a skull along with an undergarment of the same colour worn by the woman last time. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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