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Who Was Imani Bell How She Died? Georgia Teen Dies Doing Drills in ‘Dangerous Heat’


The very shocking news is coming in front of the people that, a number of allegations have been levelled against two basketball coaches of Clayton County Georgia’s. where it is being told that after the death of a girl while practising in extreme heat. on the other hand, a lot of cruelty is involved, there are also reports that Imani Bell died due to some such reasons. Because in August of 2019 she died while practising in Georgia’s charter school, first she git fainted and on the spot, she took her last breath.

Who Was Imani Bell wiki bio

As per the exclusive reports, Both Larosa Walker-Asekere and Dwight Palmar are head coaches in Georgia’s school. When Imani Bell died on 13 August 2019, it became a topic of discussion among the people and the contraption surrounded both of them and since then there have been a lot of allegations against both of them. When the news of Imani’s death came in front of the people, everyone was surprised because she died due to practicing in excessive heat. This was quite shocking somewhere and a lot of anger was generated among the people because practice is not more than someone’s life.
So now uncounted people are keen to know comprehensive details about Imani Bell because again the news became subject of discussion. So Imani Bell was 16 years old girl and she was a part of Elite Scholar Academy, Unfortunately, she was doing conditioning Drill when her death was taken place. Imani Bell’s father Eric Bell has said in the conference which was organized on 11th August Wednesday that ” Whatever has done with Imani Bell that should not have happened” further he talked about the couch as well. That when he lost his daughter that organization canceled the practice too. Because Institution mentioned that due to heavy or extreme heat practice will never hold on.

There have also been reports that according to the autopsy report, the cause of Imani’s death was only a Sunstroke because he could not bear much energy during practice. The shock of his death is very much to his family, especially to his mother who is very sad about the death of her daughter. Because the death of a young child is great sorrow in itself and her parents are going through from great pain. Their lawyer has shared a statement by saying that there were some rules that could save her life.


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