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Who Was James Anthony Nolan? Unruly Tourists Leader Cause of Death


Notorious British traveler James Anthony Nolan passed away recently. James Anthony was just 29 years old at the time he passed away. James Anthony and his rowdy group were known for causing chaos during a family holiday in New Zealand back in 2019. James’ extended family caused a massive amount of chaos and havoc back in 2019 in New Zealand. Due to that, they grabbed international headlines all across.


Reports have suggested that James Anthony died earlier this month. The exact date of his death is unknown at the moment. Although our research team is currently looking into the matter and soon we might get information regarding this. James’ family organized a memorial for marking his death in Teddington South West London. His memorial was held earlier this week. James’ extended family grabbed a massive amount of headlines back in 2019. In 2019 his group and extended family were holidaying in New Zealand. They all created a massive amount of Chaos and ruckus there. The chaos and ruckus were of this level that all the New Zealanders signed a petition to kick the family out of Their country.

This news grabbed a massive amount of headlines all across the globe. This was one of the most bizarre types of news and it created a massive stir all across. After this incident, the family was named the Unruly Tourist. You won’t imagine that more than 2500 people signed the petition to kick them out of the country. The people called them worse than pigs, now you can imagine what kind of pathetic people they must be and what kind of chaos they had done in New Zealand. The kiwis were happy to see them returning to the United Kingdom. They were relieved to see them leaving back to their home.

Although when Nolan and all returned to the United Kingdom, they all revealed a different story. The family stated that they were the victims. They stated that they were the ones who suffered there. They stated how they were harrases there and called it the worst holiday ever. They stated that their trip to New Zealand was actually a trip to Hell. They criticized all the treatment they got in New Zealand. They even stated that they were tortured and condemned in New Zealand. The family was accused of causing trash on the beach, leaving a cafe without clearing dues, and damaging the apartment they lived in during their stay. They were also accused of snatching a phone of a journalist. Thus this family was called worst than pigs by the kiwis. Although James’ sudden passing away has been flabbergasting everyone. He was just 29 at the time he died. We are currently looking into the case and will update you soon with developments in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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