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Who Was James Weems? Shanteari Weems Shoots Retired Baltimore Officer for Allegedly Abusing Children at Her


The latest case has been reported, which states that a veteran Baltimore police officer was shot by her wife. According to the reports 50 years old, Shanteari Weems shot her husband, James Weems, who served in the police force. The incident happened on 22 July. Shanteari Weems has accused her retired police official husband of sexually assaulting children from her daycare.

James Weems

The reports have further claimed that James was found shot in a room in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in DC. The police officials were rushed to the incident spot and there they discovered two handguns and fatally shot James Weems. The police officials further stated that James’s Wife Shanteari left letters, in which she was apologizing to the victims and the parents of the victims, whom her husband assaulted. The police officials found James Weems fatally shot with life-threatening wounds. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical assistance and medical aid by the police officials.

Shanteari Weems was arrested by the police officials near the crime spot and is charged with intent to kill her husband. James Weems was also arrested by the police officials on Monday for child abuse charges. The reports have claimed that Shanteari Weems ran a daycare center for kids in Owing Mills Baltimore. She ran this business for 2 years. Her retired husband was the bus driver at her Childcare center. The reports further revealed that the children in the daycare complained to Shanteari about being sexually assaulted by James. Shanteari reported all these to the police officials. The case was being investigated by the Baltimore Police officials.

Shanteari further claimed that she was getting calls from the parents of the victim’s children and thus she went to meet her husband who was in Capital Washington DC. She shot her husband James in DC. The couple was Marrie from the last 5 years. Police officials claimed that the case was being investigated although no arrests were made before this shooting in this case. The couple is currently under arrest by police officials for different charges. The news has been viral on social media and people have flooded social media with their views and opinions on this case. People have been seen supporting Shanteari Weems on social media and praising her for taking a stand against the abuse her husband was causing to the innocent kids. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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