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Who Was Jeanette Jamieson? Toccoa City Commissioner Jeanette Jamieson Dies


Today we are saddened to give you the news that Toccoa City Commissioner was passed away. The Department of Municipal went under sorrow because of the commissioner’s death who died at the age of 81. A longtime municipal leader also legislator from Northeast Georgia was deceased on 25 April 2023, Tuesday. People are curious to know who was she and what was the reason for her death. We will try to provide you with all details and information about her which we get with deep so please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Who Was Jeanette Jamieson?

The person we are talking about was Jeanette Jamieson who was the municipal leader and legislator. She was a trustworthy and brave person and also a political figure. Jamieson servedĀ  24 years as an elected member of the Georgia House of Representatives. She was the first woman who served as Governors Floor leader and chair a major committee. Jamieson graduated from North Georgia Technical and Vocational School as well as from the University of Georgia. Her friends, family, and colleagues are immersed in sorrow and they gave her their condolence. One of the worst things is that when we have to lose that person who we loved and we can’t do anything at that time this is the most hurtful thing.

Who Was Jeanette Jamieson?

Jamieson was a multitalented and multitasking person she served in many fields and had a versatile personality. She worked as a six-year veteran as a Stephens County Commissioner. Jeneath is experienced also in the local government. She also received an award for her hard work and bravery and for the contribution she had given to the country. She received President Award for Innovative Government from President George W. Bush due to her Role in Rural Development.

Jenneath Jamieson died on 25 April 2023, Wednesday. Her death information was given by WNEG Radio through social media posts. Jamieson’s family and friends and also those people who worked with her for a long time are in sorrow and we can’t understand how they feel now but we can pray for her and for her family to get out of this difficult time. Even though she was no longer with them but she will live in their hearts and our condolence to her and for her family. Jamieson was a determined and brave person who contributed to several fields and was also a sociable person. Follow us for more updates and stay tuned for the social telecast.


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