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Who Was Joshua Graves? What Happened With Him? How Did He Die?


A nerve-chilling accident took place that blew the senses of all the people who have learnt about the news. The entire incident took spread like a wildfire all over the Internet. According to the latest reports, a man named Joshua Graves stabbed and killed a total of 5 people including a mother, two daughters, and a young boy. He killed an entire family during the late hours of Monday 27th June 2022. The entire case come to the attention of the law enforcement and they started quick and brief investigations and also made some shocking revelations. Get more information on who is Joshua Graves.

Joshua Graves stabbed and killed

The reports asserted by one of the renowned media organizations claimed that the accused developed a love relationship with one of the victims he killed on Monday night. The culprit was even stalking the victims for some days. Before killing he physically assaulted another woman. It is being said that the 21 years old was later shot by three police officers at the time the cops were trying to deal at the scene. The police officers said that they asked him to throw the knife away which he refused and they should have taken the action.

It was the same knife he used to kill the entire family. Before this, a female with a Police ID stabbed a teenager in Southern Ottawa the information was released three days later Graves proceeded to the court for his first crime. He was detained on Thursday and alleged the charges and released a day after. The police department of Ottawa investigated all the victims, the woman identified as Anne Marie Ready. The woman was 50 years old at the time of her death. She used to be designated as the trade commissioner associated with the Department of Global Affairs.

Apart from the woman, the Ottawa police authority identified other victims as well. The eldest daughter of the family named Catherine Ready who is 19 years old survived the attack. Another girl who was 15 years old recently completed her 10th grade. Some of the relatives of the accused shared the information that before attacking the family he expressed a romantic interest in one of the daughters of the Ready family but the girl refused and asked him to stop stalking her.

Later, he avenged his failure in a heinous way and got shot by police at about 10:30 PM on Monday at 1273 Anoka St. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.



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