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Who Was Josiah Kassahun? Professional Skateboarder Terry Kennedy Killed Death Cause/Reason Wiki Bio


In the recent news, the 23-years-old man named Josiah Kassahun has died after the professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy beat him up. The incident took place on July 27, 2021, at Oakbrook Terrace motel when the skateboarder attacked Josiah that caused his skull to get fractured while he suffered a concussion as well. Now, Terry Kennedy has gotten into huge trouble as he might have to face homicide charges as the injuries he caused to Josiah took his life. Terry was detained by the cops on Tuesday where he stated that he would kill one of the officers as they kill cops where he belongs to.

Josiah Kassahun

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office stated that Kassahun took his last breath on Saturday. However, the 36-years-old has already been arrested by the cops and is still behind the bars. Besides, he has been charged for allegedly threatening the police officer at the time of the incident while he is also charged with aggravated battery in a public place. Under the said charges, Terry Kennedy was produced before the court on July 28, 2021 n Wednesday. There, charges of allegedly assaulting a man in public have been imposed on him.

Besides, the bail amount is kept at $100,000. Though, it’s not been revealed what actually caused the fight which resulted in Josiah Kassahun dying after suffering from a fractured skull and concussions. However, it’s confirmed that Terry and Kassahun were good friends and were on good terms. His sudden death has shocked his entire family who created a GoFundMe page where they appealed to everyone to support them as they are going through a very difficult time.

The family added a description where they wrote that on Tuesday, July 27th, 2021, a professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy brutally attacked Josiah. They added that the attack left Josiah with a concussion and a fractured skull. The description further stated that Josiah died after suffering from those brutal injuries and they have created that fund page where they can help them with the funeral expenses, the hospitalization costs and the charges related to his future memorials.

The family shared that Josiah was a good human being and believed in spreading love and that he will be missed dearly by his family and friends. At present, the page has raised almost $9,252 of the set goal that was $20,000. People are coming ahead to help the Kassahun family and are sharing their prayers and thoughts with them.


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