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Who Was Julian Becerra? Fountain Police Officer Dies After Falling from Bridge Check Footage Video


It is very sad to share that Julian Becerra passed away on Saturday 11 February 2023 and this news was shared by the Fountain Police Shared. She was a Fountain Police Officer and also known as an Air Force veteran. Her family is requesting some privacy after his deceased. There are so many people expressing their sadness for his loss and his family, friends, and colleagues mourn his death. Let us know the cause of her death and what happened to him and some other information related to her, so keep reading this article.

Julian Becerra

She was suffering from various major and minor injuries after a falling incident which was done on 2 February 2023 and she took her last breath on 11 February 2023 at around 07:15 pm. Her family didn’t reveal the complete information related to her death cause and not made it publically. She was fallen on 2 February 2023 from a height of 40 feet on a bridge in Colorado Springs while following a carjacking suspect. Her injuries after falling may be the cause of her death but not much information has been shared related to the cause of her death.

She was a K-9 Officer and she was one of the Fountain Police Officers. Her death news was confirmed by the Fountain Police Department and they also shared and announced her death news on the internet. Her death news is heartbreaking news for her loved and she was one of the beloved of her family, friends, and colleagues. She succumbed to her injuries and died after suffering from the pain of her injuries but her family didn’t share a confirmed and exact cause of her death publically. There is not much information available related to her personal life. We will update our article after getting any news related to her death cause and mention it in our article.

There is no announcement and information has been shared related to her funeral and other events. There are various social media users and people who shared their responses to her decease and express their sorrows for her loss. Lots of social media users shared their thoughts and various messages about her death with her family at this family. Her absences will be always felt and deeply missed by her family, friends, and loved ones. Her Police Department community also expressed their sadness about his death. Stay connected with social telecast.com to read more articles on the latest news.


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