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Who Was Kayjuan Taylor? Highland Park Woman Shot Dead Check Surveillance CCTV Footage Video


Another new day and another new Gun Violence brutality happened in the United States of America. This time it happened in Michigan where a woman was fatally shot to death in Broad daylight. According to the reports, the deceased victim woman has been identified as Kayjuan Taylor, she was brutally shot to death on Friday 26 August outside her home in Highland Park Michigan. The shooting was very brutal and Kayjuan couldn’t survive the deadly gunshot wound.

Kayjuan Taylor

This tragic and brutal shooting incident was recorded on a Surveillance camera nearby. In the video of that Surveillance camera, it is seen that this young woman Kayjuan was shot dead by a man in a blue SUV while she was walking in front of her house. The accused man jumped out of the passenger seat and shot Taylor in broad daylight without any fear of being caught off by the police officials or anyone else.

Who Was Kayjuan Taylor?

The accused shooter continue shooting Kayjuan Taylor until he was assured that she has passed away. This incident has been registered in the list of one of brutal and barbaric incidents of shooting in the United States. The video of her brutal murder is lately massively viral all over social media and creating a massive amount of buzz all over. The video shows the last moments of deceased victim Kayjuan Taylor. The incident was very brutal and heart-wrenching for everyone. Taylor’s friend spoke to the media and stated that she was a very nice and amazing person. She stated it is impossible to believe that someone could kill her.

Kayjuan Taylor was murdered in broad daylight and that to in front of her house. This incident has been very triggering for everyone. The officials have started the investigation and they have assured that they will soon capture the accused felon who committed this brutal and barbaric crime. The crime rate has been drastically increasing in the United States in recent months.

The global superpower United States of America is turning into the trash, because of the massive increase in crime and gun violence. The United States administration must be working on this and stop the increasing crime in the country. When will Americans saved from getting killed in these barbaric everyday cases of shootings? The global superpower country is worsening and it must be stopped. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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