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Who Was Kiely Rodni? What Happened To Her Check Her Cause of Death?


An amateur web detective claims that he has located Kiely Rodni possessions, including her laptop, near Prosser Creek Reservoir, the same location where her car and corpse were recovered only a few days earlier. After a rowdy end-of-school party with friends on August 6, the 16-year-old teen apparently vanished at 12.30 am. Local law enforcement and the FBI searched for Kiely for about two weeks without success, but thanks to a volunteer diving team called Adventures With Purpose, they found her car in a matter of hours.

Kiely Rodni

The heartbreaking video that was subsequently uploaded to YouTube shows the team finding Kiely’s waterlogged car and announcing that Kiely’s body was in the trunk. Now, the authorities are getting criticized for not retrieving her belongings. The teen’s family asked if law enforcement could have missed the car. A spokesman for Nevada County Sheriff’s told that he can confirm their office has contacted the individual claiming to have recovered some of Kiely’s property and they have taken possession of those items.

Who Was Kiely Rodni?

He added that he cannot say whether the property belonged to Kiely or not. However, the web sleuth claimed that Kiely’s belongings were confirmed by her grandfather, David Robertson, who was appreciative of their assistance. Pictures obtained by the same outlet show the silver Apple Mac laptop covered in stickers, including one that reads “Drugs are bad,” and another declaring “Virginity rocks.”

While Kiely’s family is presently keeping quiet about the incident in the midst of a police inquiry, it is improbable that her laptop is still functional after being submerged for weeks. In an odd YouTube video, the real crime channel’s creator explained to viewers that the police originally declined to arrive to take the goods, so he turned to others to find her family.

  • Kiely Rodni was a Northern California teen who was missing since August 6.
  • She was found by a volunteer team of divers.
  • Her car and lifeless body were found in Prosser Creek Reservoir.
  • An amateur web detective claimed to have found the possessions of Kiely.
  • The possessions include her silver Apple Mac laptop.
  • Surprisingly, her laptop is still working even after being submerged for weeks.
  • Kiely’s parents are criticizing officials for not retrieving her belongings.
  • The late teenager’s grandfather confirmed her belongings.

He allegedly then told Kiely’s grandfather and her pals what he had just said. The owner of the channel, who wished not to be named, said that he does not blame law enforcement for missing the items and went on to say that the police did a great job in his opinion. Earlier, water levels were much higher as compared to now so they could not really find things. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.


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