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Once again, Serbian YouTube and Twitch star Kristina Kika Dukie is remaining the subject of discussion on social media, because several reports are claiming that she has passed away at the age of 21. The news is surfacing on the internet from 8th December, since the users are paying attention to get the comprehensive details behind the case. Until yesterday, no statement came ahead, but recently her mother made a statement which is shocking enough for those, who follows her on a various social media platform. So below you can get her statement along with some untold facts.

Kristina “Kika” Dukic

According to the reports, Kristina Kika Dukie’s mother recently made a statement in which she said that ” Kristina is no more among her admires which is a matter of great sorrow”. Recently her dead body is found by the concerned department and the case is still, under investigation to find the main defaulter who executed this heinous crime and became the cause of someone’s unexpected demise. No further statement is issued by the authorities as the case is getting investigated, as soon as her close ones are familiarized with the saddening news, their deepest sorrow is hitting the bricks up to the extent.

If the reports are to be considered, so the content creator was a victim of online hating as she was getting derogatory remarks along with bullying for many years, hence it is being speculated that she ended her body with her hands. But hitherto no evidence is taken into custody due to which, a sword of suspicion is hanging on those who were arguing and fighting with her. Everyone is paying tribute to her through social media while expressing their deep feelings because her departure was unexpected enough as she left the world at such a young age.


Reports are suggesting, that an influencer was labelled “fake” quite often and mocked over her plastic surgery and appearance. Although She did not make anyone familiar with these issues till her demise, these issues have popped out during the investigation because as soon as the investigation is going ahead many untold facts are coming in front of the people. Everyone is mourning her unexpected death, and praying for his family as well so that, they can bear the pain of losing their close family member. This information has been derived from the other sources, so when something is some ahead we will update you.


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