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Who Was Kubra Dogan TikToker Dies While Filming Video Roof Collapse And She Fallen To Death


Several young Tik Tok users are losing their life while making stunt videos on the Social Media platform. The authorities of the Social Media applications are adopting various ways of preventing such dreadful accidents but still, youngsters are losing life. They are risking their lives just to gain fame among people. Recently a Tik Tok star named Kubra Dogan led to a scary death while making a video on Tik Tok. Well, the Social Media user in on her terrace along with kin named Helen. the 23 years Turkish Tik To star Kubra Dogan is trying to record the sunset with her cousin.

Who Was Kubra Dogan TikToker Dies While Filming Video Roof Collapse And She Fallen To Death

According to the latest reports, Kubra and Helen are thinking of recording a sort of stunt video along with the sunset when Kubra stood on a roofing sheet. The roof sheet couldn’t bear her weight and shattered. She was standing on the roof sheet while Helen is shooting Kubra. All of the sudden, the roof of her apartment collapsed and she fall down. As per the reports, Kubra cut down 50 meter deep and died immediately after falling. Her 16 years old kin Helen even tried to help but things are way to sudden that she couldn’t manage to help her cousin at the time she was falling.

Later, Helen rush downstairs to inform the family about what all happened and they promptly made a call to the medical services. However, It got too late and Kubra lost her life. Well, the entire case is being investigated by the authorities. The dead body of Kubra under went for Post-Mortem and the reports is yet to come. The family alleged the roofing contractor shared by her uncle, Nebi Dogan. The entire incident took place in Esenyurt district in the Turkinsh Province.

As we mentioned above that it is not the first time when a Tik Tok Star is collecting the headlines for the death, but there are number of cases when these Social Media Star loss their life while performing some jeopardized stunts. Moreover, A teenager died previous year after he was tied to a bad over his head. Whereas in another accident, a man lost his life while performing a car stunt on the app. someme of the users injured themselves badly while performing some foolish stunts. Well, as of now, the app is putting a disclaimer on such kind of stunt videos in order to prevent accidents. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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