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Who Was Kwame Boateng? Murdered In Peckham Attack Video Killer Name? YouTuber Life2lavish In Suspect List


Recently, a man was stabbed to death in Peckham. The news brought a wave of fear among the people residing in the area. The said man has been identified by Kwame Boateng and the news about his brutal murder has become the subject of discussion. These never-ending horrifying incidents make us question our own safety and security. Though it’s not the first time when something like this has happened in the area as earlier a similar case was registered in Peckham. However, people are wondering about the murder and who killed Kwame. Here’s everything we know about it.

Kwame Boateng murder Peckham

It is being reported that Kwame Boateng was murdered as he was stabbed to death. Reportedly, the people present at the scene took him to the hospital to save his life but due to severe injuries, the man couldn’t get saved and passed away. Well, the attack is being discussed by plenty of people who wants to know the identity of the murderer. As per reports, a popular YouTuber and a content creator going by the username “Life2lavish” has come in the suspect list. It is speculated that he stabbed Boateng and has been taken into custody by the police.

On Reddit pages, it has been getting discussed that Life2laavish has been arrested under the suspicion of murdering a man in Peckham. Besides, various tweets are coming forward regarding his arrest. However, the reason why he killed Boateng is still a mystery and it is being said that the officials have been interrogating him to collect pieces of evidence. London 999 took to Twitter and shared the terrifying news of a man being stabbed plenty of times in Peckham around 4:22 PM. As per “The Guardian”, London police detained two suspects aged 22 and 28 for murdering and assisting the killer respectively.

Currently, the investigation is underway and police have been interrogating all the possible suspects to get more information about the entire matter. So far, no official statement behind the reason for the horrifying murder has been disclosed. Talking about the Peckham murder case, a similar kind of case had happened in 2020 where it had come forward that a man along with a dog was brutally stabbed while in 2017, a 20-year-old man was also stabbed with a knife. As already mentioned that Kwame Boateng’s murder is getting investigated, there is not much information available on the same as of now. Stick around to get updates on the incident.


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