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Who Was Lady Myra Butter? Queen Elizabeth’s Childhood Friend Cause of Death? Dies at 97


Lady Myra Butter, the closest friend of Queen Elizabeth II has recently passed away. Lady Myra and Queen were very close friends since their childhood. Lady Myra passed away on 29 July. The reports have claimed that Lady Myra died peacefully. Lady Myra was 97 years old at the time she breathed her last. The news about Lady Myra’s unfortunate demise was announced by the popular media house The Daily Telegraph.

Who Was Lady Myra Butter

Lady Myra was the direct descendant of Alexander Pushkin and Tsar Nicholas. lady Myra Butter was one of the closest friends of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. She was in their inner circle. Lady Myra And Queen Elizabeth II become friends at a very young age in childhood. At that time the present Queen was the princess and both the girls used to go to brownies and swim together. Lady Myra was born in Scotland. Lady Myra is now survived by her five children.

Lady Myra had a very close relationship with her majesty and her Prince Philip. She was one of the very closest members of the royal family. Last year when Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99, Lady Myra gave a heartfelt tribute to the late Prince Philip. Lady Myra praised the Duke of Edinburgh and said that he did a very amazing and spectacular job all his life. She further continued and stated that nobody else could do the work that the Duke of Edinburgh did in his life. Lady Myra also spoke about her friend her Majesty. Lady Myra Stated that without her husband Prince Philip Her majesty will be lost. Lady Myra was in the headlines this year. Lady Myra was awarded by Russian President Vladimir Putin the prestigious Pushkin Medal.

She was awarded by President Putin for bringing Russian and Scottish children together. Although she was in the headlines because she returned her award in the light Russian Invasion of Ukraine earlier this year in February. Her majesty is lately going through a very painful and saddening period, as last year she lost her husband Duke Of Edinburgh whom she was married for 73 years, and then she lost her two close friends Duchess of Grafton and Lady Farnham just a few months back and now she has lost her another close friend Lady Myra Butter. We also pay our hearty tributes to the late Lady Myra Butter. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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