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Who Was Lanzey Komba? Tik Tok Star Peter Komba’s Brother Cause of Death?


There is shocking news coming forward related to the death of Lanzey Komba. He was known as the brother of Tik Tok star Peter Komba and now his death news is rapidly circulating on various social media pages. His death news was confirmed by his brother who is a most popular social media influencer and one of Sierra Leone’s most renowned Tik-tokers. His death news is a shocking moment for her brother and there are so many people who share their condolences for his death to Peter Komba. Let us discuss the cause of his death and also talk about some other information in this article so read continuously.

Lanzey Komba? Tik Tok Star Peter Komba’s Brother

He died on the morning of Tuesday 17 January 2023 and he took his last breath in the hospital. As per the information, He was undergoing treatment on Tuesday and there he died unexpectedly. There are various rumors are flowing on the internet that defines the cause of his death but the cause of his death is not declared by his brother or anyone of his loved ones. There is not much information available related to his cause of death and we will update our article after getting any information related to his death cause and mention it in our article.

He was the elder brother of Peter Komba who is most popular as Tik Tok star. He was always beloved by his family and he was unmarried. He supports his brother from the beginning of making a career on the Tik Tok platform. He was also active on various social media pages and he was also a user of Tik Tok where he didn’t gain the best success as his brother. There is no information related to his personal life because he was mostly known as his Tik Tok star’s brother.

If we talk about his brother Peter Komba is most popular on Tik Tok as Peter A A Komba and a Sierra Leonean content creator. He has a massive amount of fans on Tik Tok and his content is most liked by people and his fans. He has been recognized as a Tik Tok Ambassador and his acting, dancing and other skills had played an important role in his popularity. Social media is flooded with tributes for Lanzey Komba and there are so many people expressing their sorrows for his death. His brother mourns his death and shows his sadness for his brother’s death. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on other news topics.


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