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Who Was Logan Roy? ‘Succession’ Character, Media Mogul Passed Away at 84


This is very big news for Logan Roy. Everyone is shocked by Loga Roy’s death. The news of Logan Roy’s death is being shown on all the news channels. Just days earlier, Logan Roy made a surprise visit to an American television network newsroom and delivered a saber-rattling speech outlining an aggressive vision for the conservative cable news network as it heads into a presidential election. It was midday, and standing over boxes of printer paper, the troubled chief executive of media empire Viastar Royko instructed his employees to beat ATN’s rivals, reducing them to “f-jam spots on the highway”. After years of declining health, embarrassing scandals, and continuous belief over his possible retirement, Roy made it clear that he had no plans to go slow into that good night.

Logan Roy

Roy’s death leaves Viastar Royco, already troubled by argument and internal madness, without a clear successor. The company’s shares fell in price after the news broke on Sunday, even though markets should have been closed. A spokeswoman for HBO, which has handled media for Waystar Royco since 2018, declined repeated requests from The Times to make anyone available for comment.

Who Was Logan Roy?

Rising from humble origins in Scotland, Roy took a modest family-run printing business and built it into one of the world’s largest media and entertainment partnerships, Westar Royco. His extensive holdings included the perennially top-rated ATN, the Hollywood giant WayStar Studios, the BrightStar Adventure theme park, and newspapers including the clear tabloid The NY Globe. Roy leaves his media empire in a dangerous condition of change that started nearly five years ago when he suffered a debilitating stroke.

The health crisis triggered a heated battle among his adult children to succeed him as chief executive of Westar Royco, the trouble that derived from the secret payments of money by retired executives in the company’s cruise division to sexually assaulted women. The incident was boosted by a plan involving Roy, who raised questions about Roy. leadership and resulted in Senate hearings.

However, that was not his ultimate ambition. Roy died on Sunday while on his way to Sweden on a company jet. He was 84, we think. Roy’s cause of death has not been confirmed, but he reportedly collapsed shortly after taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, and efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. Roy and a team of advisors were believed to be on their way to Sweden to meet tech streaming giant GoJo’s business chief executive Lucas Mattsson to finalize the terms of a deal to acquire Westar Royco.


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