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Who Was Madison Brooks LSU? What Happened With Her? Cause of Death?


There is the saddest and most shocking news coming forward related to the rape and death of Madison Brooks. She was a student at Louisiana State University and after her death, this news is running on the top of the internet. This terrible rape incident is gathering a lot of attention on the internet and so many users of the internet and people raising various questions related to her death, So now we are going to talk about the whole information related to this incident and her death.

Madison Brooks LSU

She was 19 years old when she died and the suspects in her rape of her will be appeared on Tuesday in Court. She was hit by a car in the early morning of Sunday 15 January 2023 in the East Baton Rouge Parish before her death, she was allegedly raped by Kaivon Deondre Washington, an 18 years old boy, and a 17 years old boy whose name is still unknown. They both rape her and make having sex with her in the backseat of the car and at the time of her death, she contains blood-alcohol content of around 0.319% as per the public records. The investigation is ongoing and police continue their investigation to find some more shreds of evidence related to this incident.

She took her last breath at a hospital where doctors confirms her death news and the whole information about what happened to her. She was standing at around 03:00 am on a dark side of a Baton Rough road on the day of her death and then she was hit by a car which resulted in her death. In this incident, Lee was sitting in the front passenger seat and Carver driving the car. Washington asked many times for sex and he thought the victim was a drunker and her speech was slurred. Now they all are arrested and under custody. They all were charged with third-degree rape and the 17-year-old bond was transferred to February.

According to the police records reports, Casen Carver was also included in this incident as the other male suspect who went to Reggie’s bar with other male suspects and drink alcohol. He told the investigators that she leave the bar with them when the is going to close and accepted to give her a ride at her home because he did not want to leave her when she was very intoxicated.┬áThere is a video is also available that shows she left the car after an argument with the driver.


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