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Who Was Marlon Hudson? 25 year-old of Gary Died Tragically In Shooting CCTV


There is a shocking piece of news coming out related to the death of Marlon Hudson who passed away in the South Bend shooting and this news is making a buzz on the internet. This news is attracting the interest of many people and netiznes to itself and many of them raising many questions related to this shooting incident. There is a police investigation has begun and the news about this shooting is circulating on many social media platforms. In this article, we shared what happened to him, details about the whole incident, and some more information related to this incident, so continue your reading.

Who Was Marlon Hudson

As per the exclusive news and information, This shooting incident took place on the 700 block of Philippa Street in South Bend on Wednesday 12 April 2023 at around 09:15 pm. It is also said that a three-times shootings occurred. In this shooting incident, three people were involved in this shooting incident in which one passed away and the other two were critically and seriously injured. The three were injured in this incident and one passed away in this shooting incident as per the South Bend Police statements but currently the victims are unable to comment on the extent of their injuries and about this incident. Scrooll down to know more.

Who Was Marlon Hudson?

The victims in this shooting incident were identified as Marlon Hudson who passed away at the age of 25 years and the other two victims were 28 years old and 22 years old and were in critical condition. After this incident, the victims were immediately taken to the hospital where Marlon was confirmed dead and the other two were still alive and getting treatment for their injuries but their conditions were still unknown. The identification of the other two who were injured is not complete and there is not much information has been shared about the victim’s family yet.

The investigation continues and the information about this incident was shared by the South Bend Police Department through the medium of social media. There is not much information has been shared related to this shooting incident but the investigation is ongoing and everything will be clear after the complete investigation. The next update and information was shared at 11:00 am on Thursday but is currently not available. We will update our article after getting more news related to this incident and share it in our article. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles.


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