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Who Was Mele Segisolo Lapana? Victim Weeps Police Officer Shot and Killed, de facto Arrested


Devastating news is coming on the internet from Samoa. Where a police officer is shot and killed. When the news took place on the internet social media flooded with questions. The officer took her last breath a day before Christmas and her name was Mele Segisolo Lapana. People on Twitter are posting her picture and asking for justice by using #Justice4Mele. In this article we will inform you about the whole incident, What happened to Mele and how did she die?

Mele Segisolo Lapana Victim Weeps Police Officer Shot

Who Was Mele Segisolo Lapana?

Mele Was a police officer From Samoa and was shot dead a day before Christmas. According to the reports she was the victim of domestic violence. Her elder sister said She was getting tortured by his boyfriend for a long time but she was scared to share this with anybody because once he threatened her with a pistol. Muavae Janson has called to look for that strict gun laws and said possession of illegal weapons needs to be looked at closely. Further, he said that prevalence of drugs especially methamphetamine in Samoa is also a reason for the officer’s death. Muavae said I’ve seen his posts in the past that suggest he is on narcotics.

Samoa Police Officer Shot and Killed, de facto Arrested

Deputy Police Commissioner Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti said to the media that the face of the victim was covered with wounds and there were noticeable bruises under her chin. Police reported there is no arrests had been made at the time and they were waiting for the results of an autopsy. Police confirmed the accused is remanded in custody and will remain so until 30 January 2023 for mention in Court.

According to the latest report released by UNODC more than five women were killed every hour in the year 2021. A report from Samoa’s National Human Rights Institute showed that more than 80% of girls and women are in an abusive relationship and getting punched, kicked, and beaten by any object their intimate partners and a report says that one in ten women have been raped by any of their family members or by someone they know in their lifetime. To get more updates and the latest news stay tuned with socialtelecast.com


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